Centro de Medicina Fetal Clínic Barcelona

Hospital Clínic Barcelona is a national and international referral center for fetal medicine, with a fetal medicine and surgery program among the largest in Europe.

The Fetal Medicine Area is made up of a number of subspecialists in fetal problems and an innovative health care structure for an integral care for fetus and mother. The specialized Units assess over 1,200 consultations for fetal problems annually and the number of fetal surgery procedures approaches 100. The multidisciplinary fetal surgery program is developed within the Agrupació Sanitaria Hospital Clínic-Sant Joan de Deu.

The Hospital is involved in several international collaborative groups, including the Eurofoetus group, and integrates an internationally renowned research group (Fetal and Perinatal Research Group, IDIBAPS), which allows early introduction of the most recent innovations in fetal diagnosis and therapy in our clinical practice.
We offer a wide range of services, starting from second opinions in patients with a suspicious ultrasound to complex fetal surgery treatments.
The fetus as a patient (by E. Gratacós M.D.)
One in ten fetuses will present some problem during life in the mother’s womb. Many of those problems are mild but others are unfortunately severe and may compromise fetal survival or quality of life after birth. The benefit of prenatal diagnosis of fetal problems, whatever its severity may be, is today undisputed. A tailored management according to the best available knowledge results in substantial improvements in perinatal outcome for a wide range of mild and severe fetal conditions. On the other hand, in a proportion of severe fetal diseases a timely fetal intervention could save the fetus’ life or substantially improve its quality of life after birth. For cases where no treatment is available, detailed investigation of the causes of the problem is also essential in the planning of future pregnancies.
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