Rabbit brain has been used in several works for the analysis of neurodevelopment. In this web page we provide a digital rabbit brain atlas that allows the automatic identification of brain regions, which is a crucial step for various neuroimage analyses. The delineation of the areas in the atlas has been based on magnetic resonance imaging, including both structural and diffusion weighted. 60 regions were defined, comprising cortex, white matter, and deep gray matter areas, in right and left hemispheres. Ten individual atlases were developed, as well as an average template and probabilistic maps of the anatomical regions. In the Atlas viewer section, coronal slices of the magnetic resonance image of a individual together with the delineated areas are shown. In the Delineated areas sections, the 3D reconstruction of the different areas is displayed. Finally, the template and probabilistic atlases, as well as one of the individual atlases can be downloaded and used for automatic segmentation. .



The atlas has been constructed based on a set of 10 healthy adult control New Zealand rabbits at 70 post-natal days. Animal handling and all the procedures were performed following all applicable regulations and guidelines of the Animal Experimental Ethics Committee of the University of Barcelona. The acquisition was performed on excised and fixed brain using a 7T animal MRI scanner (Bruker BioSpin MRI GMBH), and high-resolution T1 weighted and diffusion weighted images were acquired. Sixty regions were defined, and delineated over the ten individuals according to established criteria, so 10 individual atlases were obtained. From the ten individuals a template of the rabbit brain is computed as an average shape and intensity image. Individual atlases were propagated to the template, in order to build a probabilistic atlas, that is, at each voxel the probability of belonging to a given region is assessed. .

More details on atlas building can be found in Muñoz-Moreno E, Arbat-Plana A, Batalle D, Soria G, Illa M, et al. (2013) A Magnetic Resonance Image Based Atlas of the Rabbit Brain for Automatic Parcellation. PLoS ONE 8(7): e67418.


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